You ask ’em. We answer. Here’s the low-down from the top.

Why don't you give feedback?

We’re sorry that we can’t give feedback to everyone.  With around 125,000 applications a year for about 3,000 roles, there’s just no way we can speak to everyone.  The least we’ll do is tell you whether you’ve passed the online application. If you didn’t, we’ll also give you some broad guidance on where you might have fallen down – but we can’t always go into as much depth as we’d like to.

The further you progress through our recruitment process, the more feedback we’ll be able to give you. If you meet us in person, we’re absolutely committed to having a detailed follow up discussion with you.

I don't know if my application completed successfully...

When you applied, you told us your email address. That’s the address we use to contact you throughout the online application stage(s). Please check your SPAM, and if there’s nothing there, contact us by emailing iwanttowork@virginmedia.co.uk

What is the closing date?

Well, not every campaign has a closing date. Some might close quicker than first suggested, because we get so many great applications. We’ll always provide some advice about closing dates in online job adverts. But the best advice is, when a role you want is live, apply as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the closing date. You might be disappointed.

What is the recruitment process?

That depends on the role. Check out our overview of how it varies.  It’ll always start with an online application. That’s when we look for evidence to suggest you fit the role. We’ll take account of your current situation and past experience. Most importantly, through the interview process, we’ll focus on whether you think and behave like a Virgin Media person.

Where will my role by based?

The location of each role will typically be advertised on the job.  Where the role requires travel or is field based this will clearly be stated (for example Direct Sales).  Please note that our £40m property investment programme means that a few role locations may change in the future.  Our recruitment team will be sure to explain this in more detail with you.  The locations mainly impacted by this are Hook, Winnersh, Langley and Slough where employees based here will be moving to a major new building in the Reading / M4 Corridor area in late 2020.  In addition our locations in Knowsley, Baguley and Preston will become technical sites, with the majority of roles based there today relocating to Wythenshawe by late 2020.

Is there flexibility on location?

We like to be as flexible as we can. The answer is – it depends on the role and circumstances.

Are there any pre-employment checks?

During the interview process, we will ask to see and take a copy of your passport to verify your identity. If you’re successful, we will also run some basic background checks specific to the role. For example, some roles may call for a criminal record check or driving licence.

Sometimes we need to carry out a more in-depth level of screening. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know at the offer stage.

Should I provide personal information such as bank details when applying for a role?

Virgin Media will never send emails asking for personal information, ask for payment of any kind or make offers of employment without the recipient being involved in a structured recruitment process.  If you believe you have been the victim of recruitment fraud please contact the police. Further information is available at www.antiphishing.org and www.safer-jobs.com.

Here are some ways to identify recruitment fraud:

  • the senders will often ask recipients to send them personal details. This may include application forms, visa forms or identity documents
  • emails will often include the Virgin Media name and logo without authority (usually the logo is of a poor quality). The name of a genuine person at Virgin Media or recruitment/agency website may be used to make the scam appear more credible
  • candidates are often requested to contact other companies or professionals, such as lawyers, barristers, immigration officials or travel agencies
  • emails often originate from free web-based email accounts such as Yahoo.com, Yahoo.co.uk, Gmail.com, Googlemail.com and Hotmail.com
  • job offers will often be very generous with favourable terms and conditions such as a personal driver, paid accommodation and high salary
  • be especially cautious if these emails contain attachments or international telephone numbers as these are often charged at premium rate.

What should I do if I require some help with my application or reasonable adjustments during or after the recruitment process?

In the first instance contact us by email and we’ll happily discuss the options available.