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Our purpose drives our decision making every day. We want to use the power of our brand, our people and our connectivity to create positive change in society.

That’s where our Meaningful Connections Plan comes in.

Our bold new sustainability plan  makes three big promises to go even further over next five years and beyond. It’s about building connections that really matter for people, communities and the environment.

Our three big promises for the next five years are:

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Better for people

It all starts with us – our people and our customers. We want to build a business where all our people and customers feel they belong, and no one is left behind. That’s why we’re creating hundreds of new opportunities for people from underrepresented communities to access skills and employment.

Better for the planet

Entertainment and digital services are at their best when they’re truly limitless – but our planet is not. So we’re going to shrink our impact on the planet by using the unlimited potential of connectivity to accelerate a zero waste, zero carbon future, faster. We set a big goal to reach net zero carbon and zero waste across our operations by the end of 2025.

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Better for communities

As a society, we’re more digitally connected than ever before, and yet loneliness and isolation continue to rise. We’re going to bring people and communities closer together, harnessing the power of our network and brand to help 1.5 million people feel more meaningfully connected to their communities and each other by the end of 2025. And by ‘Meaningful Connections’ we mean “a connection, human or digital, that reduces loneliness and builds community belonging.” We’re starting by supporting unpaid carers whose experiences of loneliness often goes unseen. We’ll also empower our people to connect to their communities through volunteering, connect people in local neighbourhood digitally and in person, and support brilliant organisations helping put an end to loneliness and boost belonging in their towns.

Our journey so far

We’re incredibly excited to get stuck into our Meaningful Connections Plan, but we are also really proud of what’s already been achieved over the past 5 years. Take a watch of the video below to see how we have already made a big difference,.

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