Sales & Customer Service

Happy customers make our Virgin Media heart feel warm and fuzzy. It’s what we're all about in Sales and Customer Service.

Customer Contact Centres

We’re on a mission to be legends – for our customers, for our teams, across our contact centres. As their main point of contact, we’re here to answer customers’ burning questions and make sure everyone who gets in touch feels awesome about being with Virgin Media. If customers feel valued, listened to and appreciated, we’ve achieved our goal. If there’s an emotional connection and they tell everyone how great we are, we’ve smashed it.

We’re a big, buzzing team with a ton of energy for you to thrive on. We dish out regular rewards for hard work and you can expect heaps of training opportunities to help you master the art of customer satisfaction.

Field Sales

We’re out and about, right at the front, promoting business growth and network expansion in brand-spanking new UK locations. We’re consistently professional, providing face-to-face sales with an energised and motivated approach.

We’re a diverse bunch, and we each bring a unique perspective and personality to the team. It makes us super-effective and efficient, and means we can grow the business, live our Values and meet our customers’ needs – all at the same time.

Field Operations

We’re feeling the beat of the street as we get out and about solving technical issues in homes and businesses. We are the face of the company, working with our existing customers to make sure that they feel the love of Virgin Media and recieve a top-class experience.

Installations, fixes and general heartfelt help are all part of the job here in Field Operations.

Field Sales
Field Operations
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