Construction & Network

Key to Virgin Media’s customer promises, we create a network to hang our hats on. The reliability of the network is down to us, and we’re always up to the challenge.

Network Assurance

Network Assurance is a 24 hour a day, seven day a week, 365 day a year Field operation where the action is  non-stop. We’re either proactively preventing faults from happening, or restoring the network to its optimum performance when they do. We’re a national, well-connected team, at the very centre of the end to end customer experience with a one-family feel and our own heart felt mantra: that we  ‘Never knowingly let a colleague fail.’

We’ve got many super-charged projects running, with more on the horizon. Right now, one of our biggest challenges is how to assure the VM network delivers the capacity and performance that delights even the most demanding customers. We’re also getting our engineering teeth into smarter working and the introduction of AI. We’re breaking ground left, right and swooshing centre.

Network Expansion

Every year, our Lightning network expansion programme connects up to 500,000 new homes and businesses to the Virgin Media network. Mind-blowing. The ultrafast connectivity it brings changes lives for communities, businesses and people up and down the UK.

It isn’t easy. We set challenging goals and it’s a constantly changing service environment. But we love nothing more than building up our top-class fibre network, bringing incredible entertainment to new areas of the UK and delivering innovation and unbeatable service.
From culture-change programmes to launching our latest in-home equipment, you’ll never be bored. Just like our customers with their new broadband.

Network Assurance
Network Expansion

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