In Commercial, we’re in it for the long term: bidding for new business, balancing customer experience with stellar returns and building strategies that map out our future.

Mobile & broadband

We’re a small, nimble team who manage the end-to-end lifecycle of mobile and broadband products – from idea creation and development to launch and in-life. Our team’s agile approach is backed up by our vision: “You can do anything.” It’s something we live by, so opportunities to broaden your skills, manage new products and services or move into new business functions are all yours for the taking.

We work hard, have fun and celebrate success. We know there’ll be hiccups along the way, and we’re all for learning from them. If you’re bold, passionate and put the customer first, come and deliver brilliant products with us.

Commercial Management

Virgin Media’s all about happy customers and employees. That’s always on our mind. But it’s still a business that needs to make money and drive revenue and sales to continue to thrive. And that’s where we come in.

It’s up to us in Commercial Management to steer pricing strategies. We work with our Product teams to understand what our proposition looks like, and with our Sales teams to boost growth. We’re constantly balancing the need for awesome customer experiences with the right commercial outcomes.

Our decisions have massive impact on the rest of the business and we collaborate across the board. We do the calculations, assess the different options and then make the best choice.

Some might say we’re the brains of the business, although we couldn’t possibly comment.

Strategy & Planning

You know the friend in your group who plans and organises every party? Well, we’re that friend. We own the business investment funding and plan what’s best for us.

You’ll usually find us with the Finance team (and in the kitchen) at parties. We work closely with them, joining up information from the rest of the business about the products and services we provide, the experiences we want to give our customers and so on. Then, we map out a strategy, that details how we’ll hit our goals.

Our strategies can be high-level, detailed, long-ranging – whatever’s required for each part of the business. We’re independent, advisory and help teams see the bigger picture rather than just what’s going on in their particular function. We make future business planning happen – which makes life here varied, challenging and lots of fun.

Bid Management

When an opportunity to provide services to a new client or organisation comes up, it’s really important we produce commercially viable, high quality bids.

This is no mean feat in a business as big as ours. It requires top-notch stakeholder management, to extract useful input from the likes of Sales, Solution Architecture, Product Management, Operations, Finance, Commercial and Legal. No two bids will ever be the same, so while we have years and years of knowledge under our belt, we have to tailor our responses to make sure they fully reflect the needs of the procuring business. It keeps things interesting.

Analytics and insight are key to our success. We make full use of both, alongside our commercial business knowledge. Thinking back to our Values, it’s all about getting the brilliant basics right – and producing bids that are accurate, filled with relevant and compelling info, and give our customers what they want.

Mobile & Broadband
Commercial Management
Strategy & Planning
Bid Management

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