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Network Expansion

Let’s start at the beginning…

Up and down the country, millions of households stay connected to what matters most, by using their broadband to stream, call, share and play their way through everyday life.


Many of these households are already our customers. They rely on us to provide them with lightning-fast connections and optimum quality services, so it’s no surprise that a lot of our business is focused on looking after them.
But here in Network Expansion, we’re busy planning for the customers that aren’t with us yet. The homes and businesses who aren’t able to access our services right now. How do we get them connected? Where do we start? Where do we go next?

Think of it as a transformation. Much like an in-house construction business, we’re managing a full-scale, full lifecycle, fibre upgrade strategy. We’re checking out every inch of the UK network and formulating a plan to make our services accessible to all. We’re talking over 300,000 new properties to connect each year.

It’s a lofty ambition, and not one we take lightly, so to keep ourselves on track, we take an eco-system approach, which we call ‘OPBR’


The first step in the process is for us to identify the areas of the country that we’re currently not reaching. We use a nifty smart planning tool to explore the infrastructure that already exists, we’ll then look at the finances needed and we’ll evaluate all of the insight that we can.


By now, we’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes, so in the planning stage, it’s about stress testing everything. You’ll find us out and about, checking our thinking and assessing the area in person. You’d be amazed at some of the curve balls which come your way when you’re on the ground!

We’ll also be working with local councils and communities to make sure that we’re able to minimise disruption, getting in and out as quickly as possible and leaving things as we found them.


It’s time to don all of the safety kit and get to work. Outdoors, in the elements either building new ducts or using the infrastructure of existing networks, we’ll be connecting new fibre into streets and buildings. It’s pretty physical stuff, but super rewarding.


Once everything’s up and running, we then work together to ensure we are ready to release our services for sale. Throughout the whole process, community engagement is key. So at this point, we’ll be using all of our hard-earnt connections to help us to promote the launch in local communities. And once we’ve finished, we’ll be on to the next location and ready to start again.

Given the contrast between the different parts of the process, the jobs that we have on offer in Network Expansion are really diverse. We need planners, civil engineers, quantity surveyors, splicers, commercial managers… the list goes on. There really is a job to suit every different skill set and career expectation here.


So, hopefully you have a better idea of who we are and what we do. But it’s only natural that you’ll want to understand more about what we can offer you and why we’re a great place to work.

What’s in it for you?

Working for a big business like ours, means that you can access a whole host of benefits. Things like;

  • 25 days holiday (and your birthday off too!)
  • Private medical insurance, which you can also choose to upgrade to cover immediate family
  • A pension scheme which matches your contributions between 4-1o%

Alongside these things, there are other really important opportunities that come from being part of our team.

  • We offer jobs that don’t need experience and we can train you from scratch. If you have the right attitude, commitment and drive, we can give you everything else you’ll need.
  • We’re committed to development and progression. We’re able to offer clearly defined career pathways and the training needed to help you to thrive.
  • We offer great security. This isn’t short term, temporary. These are permanent roles, on permanent contracts, with set hours and clear expectations.
  • We give you trust and autonomy. We show you the ropes and build great teams for support, but ultimately you’re in control of your own work and we trust you to do a great job.


What do you need to be aware of?

  • The jobs in Network Expansion are really widespread, so make sure that you check out the job description and check that you meet the criteria for the role and that it suits your career interests before applying.
  • A lot of our roles are outside, in the elements. Come rain or shine, we’ll work through everything that mother nature throws at us, so be prepared for muddy boots and a potential downpour.
  • Likewise, a lot of our roles require quite intense activity. It’s very hands on and physically demanding.
  • Sometimes you might find yourself in tight or confined spaces, enjoying the company of some eight-legged friends.
  • We work all across the country, so whilst we try and build teams in local areas, there is often travel involved, to reach the latest build site.


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