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A manager’s guide to Virtual Interviewing

Interviewing on behalf of Virgin Media should be an unlimiting and enjoyable experience.

Taking interviews out of the physical world and into a virtual one is a great way to keep our business moving, but it can conjure up some extra challenges.

Prep like a pro

Avoid the fluster of trying to locate your candidate’s CV at the last second by having it all loaded up and ready to go.

Consider splitting your screen so you can see the candidate one side and docs the other.

Spare 5 minutes before you dial on to the call, to take a read and refresh your thoughts on their profile.


Small talk shrinks nerves

Being interviewed online might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Allow some extra time at the start of an interview to help your candidate feel at ease.

Making small talk, being open and sharing a bit about you might help to settle their nerves.


Get your glad rags on

Interviewing in your sweats, probably isn’t the best look.

Thinking about what you’d usually wear for an interview and taking the time to look as slick as a whistle, is much more our style.


Ditch the distractions

Power down your email to stop pop ups, find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed and switch your phone to silent.

Avoiding distractions will allow you to focus on being an interviewing superhero.

Please be aware that until further notice, right to work documentation will be accepted in soft copy via email. It needs to be clear to read and well copied.

Please can we ask that you remind your interviewee to email copies over to [email protected] at the earliest opportunity.

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