Intern Application Process

So, you’ve had a good read through the website and know Virgin Media is for you. The next step is simple, it’s time to ‘Turn It On’ and start your career. Take a look at the recruitment process below to make sure you’re clear on each of the four stages we want you to complete.

We believe that nobody should be left behind on our journey to build connections that really matter. So we’ve made every effort to remove bias from the process and ensure we select candidates based purely on how they are likely to perform in the role.

All our assessments are anchored in realistic job previews and our assessors are trained to recognise and address unconscious bias. Blind shortlisting means that personal info (including your name, where you’re from and what university you went to) plays no part in selection decisions. And, to help level the playing field, we provide the same coaching and advice to everyone who applies.

Application form


Our simple online application form gives you the chance to tell us a little bit about yourself and the Graduate or Intern Scheme that you’re interested in.

Situational Judgement Test


This may sound daunting but don’t worry! This basic test helps us to understand a little more about the work situations you’re most suited to, and perhaps those that you may not be.

Video Interview


This is the penultimate stage of our recruitment process and begins with a written long answer question that you can use to highlight your passion for wanting to join Virgin Media! The video interview will allow us to assess your key competencies as well as your fit to the scheme in which you have applied.

Assessment Centre


The final stage of our recruitment process allows us to get to know you in person and introduce you to our fun company culture – while you meet what could be future friends and colleagues. You’ll be invited to a coaching call before the event to help you prepare for the day.

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