Graduate FAQs

You ask ‘em. We answer. Here’s the low-down from the top.

What steps have you taken to ensure a fair and inclusive recruitment process?

We believe that nobody should be left behind on our journey to build connections that really matter. So we’ve taken steps to remove bias from every stage of our recruitment process and ensure we select candidates based purely on how they are likely to perform in the role.

Application Form
We don’t accept CVs. Instead, everyone who applies completes the same application form meaning they can be assessed using fair and consistent criteria.
Situational Judgement Test
This is a best-practice tool for measuring whether you’re suitable for the role you’ve applied for. The assessment is anchored in a realistic job preview, making it less prone to bias than traditional reasoning tests.
Video Interview
When AI is used for interview screening, it can have an adverse impact on certain groups. We make sure all our interviews are screened by real people.
Assessment Centre
We provide all candidates with coaching prior to the assessment centre, so everyone knows what’s coming and has the same opportunity to prepare. We also train our assessors to recognise and address unconscious bias.

Does it matter what university I went to?

Not in the slightest. In fact, we do something called “blind shortlisting”, which means all your personal info (including what uni you went to) is hidden from the people making selection decisions.

What happens after I send my application?

We’ll let you know we’ve received it safely and send you regular updates about the status of your application.

How long should I expect to wait to hear?

Hopefully not long at all! We’ll inform you about next steps as often and quickly as we can to make sure you have plenty of time to prepare at each stage.

Will I get any feedback about my application?

Yes, we offer feedback at every stage of the process. The aim is to help you get a sense of how you’ve performed and a better understanding of what we’re looking for.

Can I apply for more than one scheme?

Yes! You can select two schemes when applying if you want to. That way, if there are no places available on your preferred scheme, we can consider you for your second choice instead.

Will you make allowances for disability?

We will make whatever adjustments are necessary to enable you to perform to your full potential. The earlier you can let us know what adjustments you need, the better (although there will be opportunities for you to tell us at every stage of the process). Please call 01635 888 350 if you have any questions.

What do I need to include in my application?

You just need to fill in our online form. No CV required (phew!). The whole thing should take about 45 mins to complete.

What are the next steps?

Situational judgement test. Video interview. Assessment centre. If you make it to the assessment centre, we’ll give you a coaching call before the day to set you up for success.

What are the dates for the assessment centre?

Our assessment centres begin early in November and into December before the Christmas break. We aim to send invites at least seven days in advance so you can book your travel (which we’ll reimburse) and prepare for the big day.

I got a 2:2. Will you consider me?

Do you have a master’s degree as well? If so, yes. Otherwise, you must have a 2:1 or above (predicted for internships).

I’m an international student. Can I apply?

We welcome applications from anyone who will have the right to work in the UK for the duration of the scheme (or can obtain it without our support).

How many applications do you get and how many people are you taking on in 2021?

We usually get loads of applications for all our schemes. This year we’re looking to take on around 60 people in total.

How much will I be paid and will I get any benefits?

Check out your preferred scheme page for salary details. Info on additional benefits can be found here: Graduate Salary & Benefits

What can I expect when my graduate scheme ends?

The aim is for you to land a role at least one grade above what you start on. We can help you with your choices (but you’re in charge of your own career).

What can I expect when my internship ends?

Perform well and you’ll have the chance to fast-track onto our graduate programme.

Can I apply for an internship if I’ve already graduated or graduate next year?

An internship is designed to be a ‘Year in Industry’ so is open to undergraduates only. Please apply to one of our graduate schemes instead.

Will I be a permanent employee?

On a graduate scheme, you’ll be a permanent employee with a permanent employment contract. For internships, we offer a 12-month, fixed-term contract.

Will I be doing a real role?

Yep! There’s no better way to learn.

Can I choose which office I work from?

Some flexibility is required. Check out your preferred scheme page to see the locations where you might be based.

How are rotations selected?

It varies from scheme to scheme but will usually be based on what we think is best for your career development as well as on business need. We’ll try to accommodate any preferences you have but you’ll definitely need to be flexible.

What training will I receive?

It begins the minute you walk in the door with our carefully planned induction programme. And it continues throughout your Virgin Media career. Full details can be found here: Graduate Training

How do I keep in touch once I’ve got the job?

You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram (see links below) or go to our graduate and intern Facebook page where you can drop us a message, see what current grads and interns are up to, and meet grads and interns from your year. Meanwhile, we’ll send you lots of info about your first rotation and starting location – and you can ask us any questions you want. We also run an annual summer event for all our new grads and interns, so you’ll be able to meet and get to know people before you start.

What will my starting location be?

We’ll let you know at least two months before your start date (your first rotation will be confirmed at least one month before). If you have any questions before then, please contact the future careers team.

Can you help me find a place to live?

Our current grads and interns will be only too glad to give you advice. You can ask them via our Facebook group.

I’m excited to join – how long do I wait until I start?

We can’t wait for you to join either! Our interns will start on Monday 12th July 2021, and our graduates will start on Monday 13th September 2021!

When do I get paid? And when do I get my fabulous welcome aboard bonus?

Salary payments go in on the 26th of the month. We’ll let you know the exact date before you start. Your welcome aboard bonus will be paid on this date too (month two for interns).

When can I start to take advantage of all the amazing benefits on offer?

Some are available throughout the year. Some of them you need to sign up to within a month of joining. You’ll find more info here: Graduate Salary & Benefits

Will I get a laptop and mobile phone?

Probably both. But it does depend on what scheme you join and the kind of work you’re doing. We’ll let you know before you start.

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