Software Developer

It’s all about making sure our cutting-edge network continues to break new ground for our Software Developers – developing tools that help us make the best decisions

At Virgin Media, our Software Developers get to develop and maintain a collection of software solutions that we use to simulate and forecast customer demand for our cutting-edge networks and let us know when any upgrades are needed.

All our Apprenticeship Schemes are offered on permanent contracts. And, around 90% of apprentices stay on with us – while others will have gathered transferable skills that are sought after elsewhere.

Let’s talk about what you’ll be doing…

As part of our Software Developer Apprenticeship Scheme, we’ll train you to understand what our customers want, develop appropriate software solutions and test them until we get the results we want.

With excellent guidance from your scheme mentor and other supportive workmates, you’ll grow a deeper understanding of our network and data, and get the opportunity to delve into all sorts of development related activities including building and testing code across the front end, business logic and database layers. You’ll do this whilst working with a wide range of exciting development technologies and applications.

We’ll also ask you to gather user requirements and present software functionality to key stakeholders – and be able to communicate to an audience who may not share the same technical expertise that you will have gained from us.

How are you going to get there?

We’re particularly interested in who you are and why you want to join one of the UK’s most free thinking and fun loving companies. Although, as a technical role you will need to have at least one A level or equivalent in a STEM* based subject.

And, while it’s not a deal breaker, some programming skills (OOP) especially in .NET, C# and SQL, a general knowledge of routed and switched networks and the techniques used to analyse, assess and resolve complex technology challenges would grab our attention.

We want people who are willing to take ownership of their development, who have a head full of innovative ideas and the entrepreneurial drive to make them happen – to make our customers’ lives easier, brighter and more fun!

So, what can we do for you?

During the scheme, you’ll gain all the experience, understanding and exposure you’ll need to move onwards and upwards as far as your enthusiasm will take you – and we’ll pay you a decent salary with amazing benefits along the way!

At Virgin Media we’re committed to nurturing an inclusive culture, which includes a long-term vision of achieving 50/50 gender parity by 2025. It’s super-important for us to reflect equality and diversity in our workforce, especially for STEM* based subjects – and that’s why we’re actively encouraging women as much as men to come and hone their technical skills with us.

We’re looking for tech savvy women and men who are comfortable working alongside our talented Network Capacity team within a ‘continuous improvement’ culture that extends to enhancing both our customers’ experience and our company’s growth.

Join Virgin Media… Come and be a part of something special!

(*STEM based subjects are those that fall under Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths disciplines)

Apprenticeship: Level 4 Software Developer
Duration: 18 months
Location: Reading
Requirements: 5 GSCEs, including Maths, English and Science (Grade C or above, Grade 4-9). A level in a STEM subject. Completion of Level 2 Functional Skills exams also required unless exempt
Salary: £19,000 + salary progression based on performance + amazing benefits

Applications for our 2021 Software Developer Apprenticeship are not yet open, for now you can register your interest here and we will be in touch to remind you when it’s time to begin your application.


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