Why it’s crucial to set your own boundaries

Laura Arribas

December 19, 2017


How long have you worked for Virgin Media Business?

I have worked for Virgin Media Business (VMB) for two and half years.

What made you join Virgin Media Business?

After seven years working for Vodafone, I was looking for a new challenge. During my job hunt, I found an exciting opportunity at Virgin Media Business, and during the interview process I was convinced that this would be the right place and role for me.

Can you tell me a little more about the area you work in and your role?

Since I started in May 2015, I have held a variety of different roles within the VMB Commercial function. Since the beginning of 2017, I became the Commercial Operations Manager. I am responsible for the set-up and running of a transformational programme called the Commercial 3 Point Plan. The programme is made up of over 10 projects, which aim to improve the way we work within Commercial as well as with other areas of the business.

What’s made you stay with the business?

There are two main reasons. Firstly, the opportunities available – you are able to shape your role to your strengths and to the way you want to drive your career. And secondly, the people and the atmosphere here at Virgin Media.

What’s the training like here?

Learning and development is a definite strength at Virgin Media. All my managers have put a lot of focus on personal development plans and have encouraged me to attend any training that aligned with my performance or career objectives. The training and development catalogue is large and continues to grow with interesting content, which is brilliant.

Are there many progression opportunities?

I believe there are but I think in reality it’s up to the individual. If you have an idea to change something or implement something new, 95% of the time you will get senior sponsorship and the freedom to make that change. This in turn can open up opportunities to progress.

What’s it like to work in Virgin Media Business?

It’s hugely dynamic and every day is different to the previous one. What I like is that regardless of you role, you’re given the opportunity to work with people in other functions across the business. That’s what I really enjoy. I work with so many different areas, such as sales and finance, and by doing so I get a broader view of the organisation.

Do you feel that you have a good work life/home life balance?

This is a difficult one. There are two parts to this. Firstly, the company gives you a lot of flexibility, and being an objective-driven organisation it means that as long as you perform and meet your objectives you can essentially organise yourself in whatever way suits your situation. Flexibility is becoming more important and I can only encourage other organisations to do the same.

Then there is the personal side to this; I think it’s very important to set your own boundaries between your work and personal time for everybody’s benefit.

What one piece of advice would you give to a candidate interested in working in Virgin Media Business?

Get ready and be comfortable with change.  Also, make sure you are confident to voice your opinion. This is the only way you can help make a difference and implement the change you feel is necessary.

Describe Virgin Media Business in three words?

  • Dynamic
  • Ambitious
  • Fun

What’s the culture like?

I think VMB has a very strong culture, supported by the power of Virgin brand. People are genuinely very helpful and it generally feels like a team.

How engaged do you feel with the business?

I’m not going to lie I think it fluctuates. Change is very much an intrinsic part of this industry and sometimes the pace of change can make it difficult to keep up the level of engagement. For me, it’s all about believing in our leaders and the direction they want to take for the business. I trust and believe that they are making the best decisions for the organisation and the people.

What’s the best thing about working for Virgin Media Business?

The people and the opportunities if you’re willing to make the most of them.

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