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Why I became a Customer Service Advisor

Paul Greenwood

October 18, 2021

Why I became a Customer Service Advisor in Sheffield 

At Virgin Media, our Customer Service Advisors are the heartbeat of our business. They help to problem-solve when our customers need them most, and they’re the ones who get to put a smile on their faces too. We spoke to Paul Greenwood from our Customer Service team in Sheffield to chat about the unexpected joy the role gives him and how he navigates those sometimes-tricky conversations. Thinking about joining the team? Why not apply below.  

Tell us a bit about how you got into the role of a Customer Service Advisor? 

I was living in Indonesia with my wife last year, then suddenly the pandemic hit. We had a couple of choices. We could either stay in Indonesia, live in Germany where my wife is from, or return to the UK, and we chose the UK. I had to find a job quickly, and I saw an advert for a Customer Service Advisor in the paper. I’d never done customer service before and thought, why not? 

So, what does a Customer Service Advisor do? 

It’s not just about looking at faults and billing issues. It’s finding gaps in a customer’s service package and offering them something that complements their life better. Many people think that you can’t make a difference as a Customer Service Advisor. It couldn’t be more different. I quickly found out there was an opportunity to be part of something bigger.  

What makes a good Customer Service Advisor? 

  • Communication: In this role, you’re not only speaking with our committed customers, but you’ll sometimes have to speak to other brilliant people across the business. 
  • Empathy: Starting during the pandemic made me understand how much conversations can unite people. It helps to put yourself in their shoes when taking care of an issue. 
  • Team player: Every day is different in Sheffield. Having such a strong team who are ready to support one another has been fantastic. We’ve almost become a family. We’re all chasing the same goal with the same sense of purpose, and it makes the job not only easier but more enjoyable. 

Why do you think you’ve stayed at Virgin Media? 

I was self-employed in the financial service sector, so working for a great brand such as Virgin Media that encourages you to take time out for yourself, grow your pension and work with a diverse group of people has been personally rewarding. 

What advice would you give someone starting their career as a Customer Service Advisor? 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s the best way to learn 
  • Always be your authentic self on calls with customers 
  • If you’re willing to focus and commit to customers, then you have the right attitude 

If working with our wonderful Customer Service team sounds like a role for you, why not apply today and help us build connections that really matter.  

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