What I’ve learnt during my year as a Business Insight Analyst

August 8, 2016

We chatted to Chloe Mulligan, Business Insight Analyst Intern Class of 2015, about her experiences during her time with us this past year.

“I’ve absolutely loved my internship at Virgin Media, I’ve been given real responsibility within my team and have been able to suggest and implement new processes throughout the year. I’ve loved the encouragement I’ve been given, it’s made me feel confident and able to trust my instinct and complete work I never imagined I’d be doing.

I’ve been able to enhance many transferable skills which will be invaluable in my future career, I’ve also had the chance to develop myself professionally and become aware of what is required to move forward successfully.

I’ve loved the atmosphere that Virgin offer and their belief in a strong work life balance has made this year so enjoyable for me, I’ve loved the projects I’ve been able to get involved with and I’m proud of the work I’ve completed during my time here.

I chose to extended my contract in different area which has really helped me to understand how different sectors of the company operate, Virgin have been so accommodating to ensure I’m comfortable and understanding of my new role and I’m looking forward to the new challenges I’ll face.

I’ll be staying within Virgin Media until I head back to Bournemouth University come September and hope to be returning to the company the following summer!”


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