What is it like to work for Virgin Media?

Jack Stanley

March 29, 2016

Quick answer, it’s great!

Being an intern means you have no responsibility and what you do doesn’t really matter. Right?


It’s in fact quite the opposite, well it is for me anyway. I went through the selection process with Virgin Media. Starting off with a video interview sat in my room at University hoping that nobody comes rushing in singing their latest favourite song, luckily they didn’t and other than fluffing my words a bit and a few re-records I submitted my interview and waited.

Within a few weeks I received the call as I got on a train to go home for the weekend, ‘Hi it’s so and so from Virgin Media’. Oh it’s a service call I thought, as I sat there casually answering back I quickly realised it wasn’t, sat upright in my seat and listened more. Immediately I was made to feel like I meant something to the company and the way they portrayed their excitement to invite me to their assessment centre was uplifting. Now I know the word ‘Assessment Centre’ runs shivers down your spine but they really aren’t that bad, I mean you’re aware you’re being watched and people are ticking boxes on a piece of paper during some of the activities but in summary there is nothing to fear. The next day I received a call and I was offered a place in the Virgin Media Intern Scheme.

I was then invited to a summer event ran by the ‘Virgin Media People Team’ and what a great day it was. Who else can say they met up with future colleagues, built a raft together and raced a Segway around some quite beautiful grounds before they have even started the job?

Now to the fun stuff. My internship/placement is in the Operations area of Virgin Media they deal with the day to day activities of the company so looking at how Internet, TV and Telephone are all performing and finding ways to improve that constantly. A quote from the Director of Operations suggests “The goal of Operations is to proactively develop and deliver a robust and feature rich network” which brings me nicely on to my role. I’m part of a team called ‘Operations Insight’ I measure the performance of the network reporting on the main KPI’s and I supply commentary to all the HODs and to the director about what faults have caused decreases in performance. So going back to the earlier question, does what I do matter? Yes. 100%. The figures and reports that my team put out are heavily relied on by HODs and Individual Teams working within Operations to see how they are performing. Amongst this there are a number of projects that I’ve been involved with to help improve the reporting done by the company through innovative ideas and automation processes. When I first arrived I thought I was pretty competent on Excel, turns out I wasn’t and that I had a lot to learn. Now I’m sat here writing code and building automated reports for the company, ask me to do that last July I’d have been badgering Google with question after question, which ironically is how I’ve learned most of it. Other new skills learned are SQL Knowledge, KPI Reporting, Networking and new Presentation Skills from a ‘Body-Talk’ course I was offered by Virgin Media.

Through-out my placements I’ve made the most of every opportunity I’ve been offered whether that is with leadership opportunities or running charity events. I’ve said yes to as much as I can. I was the chair for the first Quarterly Intern Event creating an agenda and arranging guest speakers for the event which involved all 26 Interns in Virgin Media. I was also the team leader of a team of 5 that took over a Scope Charity Shop in Camden and created fundraising events to raise money for the Charity. Virgin Media are partnered with the Scope Charity and raising money is something I’ve grown a bit of a passion for. I’m now taking on Snowdon at Midnight and running a tough mudder challenge to raise money. Standing at 6ft4 and weighing 250lbs I was also a hot prospect for the annual ‘Tug of War’ Charity Competition. I’ve raised just under £1000 this year so far for the charity.

Thinking about what I’ve achieved and done this year so far is really quite incredible and this blog really doesn’t cover half of it but hopefully there is enough to motivate someone out there to apply. Believe it when people say the 12 months will fly by, they’re not lying. If you’re thinking about going on placement, just go for it. It will be one of the most rewarding and valuable years of your life; the skills you learn will really set you up for life. Plus it’s nice to make a bit of money!

So what is like to work for Virgin Media? Why not apply and find out. You won’t regret it.

Jack Stanley

Business Insight Analyst Intern for Virgin Media

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