Opportunity Planner Tom Fletcher in his home officeOpportunity Planner Tom Fletcher in his home office


What is an Opportunity Planner?

Tom Fletcher

Opportunity Planner

September 28, 2021

In a nutshell, an Opportunity Planner’s job is to use specially designed maps and systems to spot areas and premises in the UK that don’t currently have access to Virgin Media broadband. They’ll then figure out the most cost-effective approach to get it to them and manage that ‘opportunity’ or ‘project’ until the point the customer/s have had their Virgin Media services built and ready to go.

The areas are identified, planned and managed using our easy-to-use in-house tools and systems, plus everyone that starts is given full training at the beginning of their journey with us.

I have no technical network knowledge or qualifications is that going to be a problem?

In short. No. We offer a three-month training programme held in our Sheffield office which is really engaging. Everyone leaves feeling fully prepped and ready to fly on their own (with support, obviously).

Your training won’t end there, our expert Opportunity Planning team are super supportive, and are always on hand to provide you with all the guidance you’ll require to develop the strategic and technical skills that are needed to be able to do the job.

What technologies do the team use?

Once you’re trained up and ready to fly on your own, you’ll be at the forefront of trialling and implementing new revolutionary technology and products within the telecoms industry. By using the technologies DFX and XPON we’ll be able to send Virgin services over even greater distances than ever before; providing even more people and those living outside of urban centres with the superfast Virgin Media experience. Exciting right!

Does the job offer flexibility?

Our Opportunity Planners are valued and trusted to work from home. However, most of the team are based in Sheffield. This is because the team occasionally get together for team meetings and social events. However, there’s nothing stopping someone being based at any of our key sites across the UK. We have sites in Bellshill, Teesside, Manchester, Birmingham, & Reading.

The working pattern for an Opportunity Planner is typically 9am until 5pm but that can be flexible to work round your individual needs.

Are there any handy tips that might make understanding the role of an Opportunity Planner a little easier?

Absolutely! These are a few buzzwords we use internally with a short description of what they actually mean:

PIA  This stands for Physical Infrastructure Access. This is the term used to describe the Openreach duct and pole space we use when available, to lay our super-fast and independent fibre optic network.

Hubsites Think of the hub as the brain that sends the signal through the cable through the ducts or poles and to the premise or the house.

Ducts  These are basically just little tubes that live underground that protect our cables and feed our fibre broadband network to the house or premise.

Poles  These are the tall poles you see in the street outside the front of your house that feeds the cable into your home.

If you’re wanting a change and a new challenge, and you can see Opportunity Planning as something you’d like to do. Join us on our exciting journey and be a part of something bigger!



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