What attracted me to a STEM apprenticeship

Megan Haddock

Virgin Media Apprentice

March 9, 2021

I didn’t have a wide range of knowledge at first about STEM apprenticeships until I looked further into it. I’ve always had an interest in engineering but didn’t know what opportunities were available to me. That’s when I realised an apprenticeship could give me the knowledge and experience I need to progress in a career in engineering.

At school I studied Maths, English, Science and Spanish which were all compulsory, and then I further opted to study Physical Education, Food Technology and History. I was never the best at Science in school but that’s what apprenticeships are for, it allows me to learn and develop my weaker areas by using theory and practical work with a help available.

I was always interested in apprenticeships once I learnt about them in careers lessons at school, as I find it more interesting to do the job and learn at the same time instead of always sitting in a classroom-based environment like college or university. After school my first thought was to go into the army, into a “hands-on, learn on the job” environment. I did go to college for a short period of time, but realised it really wasn’t for me, it didn’t suit my leaning style and I wasn’t guaranteed a job afterwards.

It was only when I started looking into different apprenticeship possibilities such as engineering and other ‘hands on’ jobs (similar to what I wanted to do in the army) that things clicked into place. I considered many different apprenticeships until I came across those in the STEM sector, and once I looked further into it, it seemed exactly what I was looking for and I knew from then that is the direction I wanted my career to progress in.

So, why an apprenticeship? I felt like an apprenticeship was the best option for me as it was a way for me to start a great opportunity in a growing company and, if I do well enough, it’ll lead me to a permanent position at the end of it. The prospect of being unemployed is much reduced once qualified. A lot of companies seem to look for experience on applications so an apprenticeship is also a good way to get that experience as well as recognised qualifications which can boost my career prospects.

I always wanted to drive as soon as possible (and to drive I needed money!) so an apprenticeship also enabled me to earn while I learn. Within my job I have a mentor for the duration of my apprenticeship so help is always available from very experienced engineers, the training provider and managers. Having this apprenticeship is the best choice I’ve made and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

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