Visiting our Customer Contact Centre

Zach Pressey

November 24, 2016

An important part of the internships that Virgin Media offer is the exposure that you gain to all the different areas of the company. Last week I was able to visit one of our customer contact centres in Manchester. Alongside a few of the other interns, I was introduced to various different departments in the office and was able to gain a better understanding of how these parts of the business are run.

The first department that we visited was Mobile. A lot of these guys answer calls that customers make, regarding the details of their mobile contracts with Virgin. We were able to listen in on some of the calls that were being answered and see firsthand how the company interacts with its customers.

Next we got to visit the Social Media teams that take care of the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages. This was a particularly interesting part of the day, as we were able to see how the team answers the queries that people raise on these websites, as well as being shown a presentation on the developing role of social media in the functioning of the company.

Lunchtime was a highlight of the day, because the sweetshop man was visiting the Manchester office. After eating far too many bon bons, we all went to visit the complaints teams on the second floor. Here we got to do some more call listening and met some of the interesting characters that answer our customers’ complaints. The person I was watching liked to sing songs to the customers’, based off their first names.

Finally, we got to meet one of the Angels based in the Manchester office. Virgin Medias Angels’ are teams based in each of our customer contact centres that are in charge of arranging social events for the office, as well as greatly boosting morale! She talked us through some of the events that the team in Manchester had run, as well as the Sparkle Awards, which is an annual ceremony that acknowledges those who live the Virgin values best every day.

Overall it was an extremely eventful day, with each of us learning a lot about the company. It also provided a nice opportunity to catch up with some of the interns over a few drinks after work

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