The importance of learning

Ivan Jones

May 21, 2018

We caught up with Ivan Jones, Management Academy Lead, about the importance of learning and development.


Here’s what Ivan had to say…

How long have you worked for Virgin Media?

I’ve worked for Virgin Media just over two years now.

Talk to me about what your role is in the business?

I’m the Management Academy Lead. I manage a great team, and it’s our responsibility to drive and deliver engaging and effective development options to our managers within Virgin media.

We want our managers to feel supported and we aim to build the capability that enables increased employee engagement and influences productivity.

What’s the role of Learning and Development (L&D) within Virgin Media?

L&D is a support function that enhances the skills of employees within the business. L&D engages and inspires learners to deliver amazing performance day after day. We are a function that is at the very core of making good things happen in Virgin Media.

What are you most proud of in your time at Virgin Media?

Launching our ‘New Management Essentials’ programme across Virgin Media. This is a blended management programme for all new and existing managers within the organisation. It provides them with a variety of tips, tools, techniques and inspiration of the essential elements required to manage their own personal development and their teams effectively.

In your opinion, what’s the importance of Learning and Development?

We work in an ever changing, fast paced environment, where it’s important to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, it’s crucial that we look to continuously improve and evolve to meet the needs of our customers.

To do this, the learning and development of our people is essential.

L&D are key to creating a culture of continuous improvement and advancement. We make a difference by equipping people with the right skills they need to raise our standards and make a sustained contribution.

Our vision is simple: To deliver business change and performance through our people.

How do keep up to date with your own learning? What motivates you?

I honestly believe that you learn something new every day, so I make sure I am open to those learning moments. I learn from other people and from experience.

I like to dedicate time to make sure that I am up to date with what is happening in the industry and have a great team who are always sharing their learning with the team.

Seeing others develop and succeed motivates me. It’s great watching others have those light bulb moments!

Best thing about working for Virgin Media?

The people. I am surrounded by extremely supportive, friendly and helpful people everyday. There is no other place like it.

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