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The future of mentoring

Learning and Development

May 16, 2019


Mentoring will be big, even bigger than it is already.

In the next 5-10 years, we think learners will have so much independence in their learning process that mentoring will become a large part of their success. Mentors – skilled individuals who have gained experience in a particular field – will provide an extra, real-world resource to support formal learning and help learners reach their goals.

Mentoring presents a great opportunity for learners to focus on their self-development whilst expanding their network across the business. This development may be centred on any skills needed for the future, including both technical and softer skills. That’s not all… the mentor could be anyone across the business, not just from within the same function or office; making the world (organisation) a smaller and better connected place.

Advances in technology will enable mentors and mentees from anywhere to meet up, whenever and wherever suits them. Not only will technology improve the accessibility to mentoring but by being able to match learners and mentors based on their needs, the effectiveness of the relationship should improve too. There could even be advancements in technology improving the reporting of mentoring uptake and success.

Here at Virgin Media we’ve already realised the potential of a Mentor network, which is why we’ve developed an internal app to support our vision for a Mentor-powered future. This technology will help individuals shape their future and build connections that really matter!

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