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The Diary of a People Intern

January 17, 2020

Meet Cerys (Hi Cerys!) our 2019 People Intern, she'll be giving us the inside scoop on what it's like to be an Intern here at Virgin Media...

Life pre-Virgin Media and applying

Before joining Virgin Media I was living the typical student life at the University of Reading; nights out, chilling with friends and studying for my degree when I got a spare moment! I had chosen to study Business and Management as I knew I had an interest in business but wanted to gain exposure to different areas. My degree involved a range of modules from marketing to accounting… sadly accounting was compulsory! I always enjoyed more of the people focused modules. It soon came round to second year and time to apply for placements. I was nervous to start but excited at the prospect of a year away to start applying and contextualising everything I had learnt.

I started off my placement preparation in the summer between my first and second year. University holidays are so long so there was no excuse not to be productive! I updated my CV with all of the latest information about my education, work experience and hobbies. Once I had this ready I started to consider what companies I was interested in applying to. My criteria for these companies involved having a focus on good company culture, an established and reputable placement scheme and competing in a dynamic and relevant industry. Virgin Media met all of these so I set about applying!

The process started with an online application form, asking some questions about me and checking I was eligible to apply. The next stage got a bit more difficult… a situational judgement test. I was nervous to complete this, as it was an assessment, but I found it more enjoyable than psychometric tests I had completed for other companies. Situational judgement tests allow you and the company to check you are aligned to each other’s behaviours and values. Luckily I passed and moved on to the next stage, the part I dreaded the most, a video interview. There were a range of questions and I was very glad I had researched Virgin Media and Liberty Global first. The final stage was the assessment centre! It was my first time attending one so I didn’t know what to expect. The day was a blur but it was really useful so get more of an understanding of where I could be working and meet the people, I came away even more excited at the prospect of getting a role. A few days later I got the call I had been wanting and it was time to celebrate!!!

The First Month

My first day was spent having an induction to the company. All of the Interns attended and it was really nice to meet everyone face to face. We had some presentations from the business, a few activities and then it was time to go and meet our teams. I was told I had been placed in the Future Careers Team, dealing with all things Apprentice, Intern and Graduate schemes. I was interested to understand more about the area and how my perspective could help the team.

My first week consisted of lots of introductory meetings with Future Careers and the wider People team departments. I was so glad I bought my notebook… far too many names to remember at once!! Everyone explained to me what their roles consisted of and how they fitted into the wider team, which was great to contextualise the day to day life of an employee at Virgin Media. The remainder of my time was spent shadowing my team. I had joined in the middle of our Apprentice recruitment which made for a busy but exciting time, especially experiencing the assessment centres from the other side! I definitely remembered being that nervous!

My first month flew by and I was shocked at how much I had done already. I had attended and helped to facilitate multiple assessment centres, visited a Virgin Media retail store and been given some personal projects to start working on around our attraction strategy. It was great to be given responsibility so early on. It was a big change to go from university to work. I still wasn’t used to the early mornings but I was already seeing the benefit of spending a year in industry and was excited to see what I would be getting up to.


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