The Annual Summer Event

Sophie Percox

October 14, 2015

The annual summer event for graduates and interns is a really great way to kick your new job nerves and meet some great people! When I first heard about it I thought, wow that’s pretty cool and unique. I mean, it’s not often you get a fun free day out, and it really does make you feel so much more confident and excited to start your new job.

It’s a really relaxed and fun day which welcomes you into the business in true Virgin style. From the moment you arrive you feel you’re part of an amazing company and the day is everything you imagine, and more. This year it was a glorious sunny day which was kicked off with breakfast and the opportunity to meet the new intake of grads and interns as well as those who were in the same position last year. You soon realise how lovely everybody is and you’re immediately put at ease. You split up into groups and do a number or really fun activities. One of this year’s activities was raft building and racing, and we soon learnt that nothing helps to build team work as much as a bit of friendly competition, well that and not wanting to fall in a cold lake! This was followed by a Segway race in which some people’s inner speedy daredevils would’ve given Usain Bolt a run for his money and others struggled to make it off of the starting block.

After the activities there was a lovely BBQ (and even better desert!) in which you had a chance to socialise with others and even meet some managers. The day ended with some fantastic speeches and an awards presentation for the finishing graduates and interns, which really shows how much Virgin Media value their people and how seriously the graduates and interns are taken. In summary the summer event is a fabulous opportunity provided by Virgin Media, it gives you the chance to meet others in the same position as you, learn a bit more about how they work as a company and hear about other peoples experiences within the business. But, most importantly, it shows you what a great opportunity you have working for them and makes you super excited to start and proud to wear your new Virgin Media T-Shirt home for all to see!

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