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Planning and Facilitating our VM Next Generation Takeover

January 17, 2020

Over the last several months I have been hard at work planning an exciting new event with a few of my Future Careers teamies, Adela Heribanova & Cerys Hughes. We began planning a takeover day that would be held at one of our VM offices to be focused around STEM and what Virgin Media really does. We decided a great audience for this would be friends and family of Virgin Media employees! We then focused in on targeting 14-18 year olds to help inspire young minds for the Future.

We planned the day to run as 3 different activities; Network Planning, Network build & Fibre Cleaning. We worked closely with James Harwood (L&D) and Michael Anigbo(Planning) to get all our activities planned and sorted for the day. Huge thank you to both of them for the time they put into not only helping plan the day but also facilitating!

Take us to 1 week before the event… we came across some unexpected challenges after running a trial of our new planning activity which left us with needing to revise/simplify the instructions and re-print them ready for the event. And on top of this we had issues with the colour printers in the office! Over the next few days we managed to get the planning activity sorted and printing done. The day before we put the finishing touches on everything, and then we were ready to go!

On Friday, 1st November 2019 after months of planning we got to see our event Virgin Media Next Generation Takeover come to life! We held the event in our Virgin Media Birmingham office, which made for a very early start as we travelled from Hook! We started the day with the planning activity which demonstrated the process of planning a physical network. After our Next Gen guests had a bit of a better idea how to plan a network we moved onto an activity to demonstrate a building a network (marble run!) and they even got the chance to take a sneak peek inside our training lab! The final activity of the day was a fibre splicing demonstration and then everyone got the chance to use some of our equipment and clean fibre (special thank you to Paul Cresswell who kindly ran this activity for us on the day!)

It was so exciting to see the pilot event run so well after all the time spent planning! I loved having the chance to speak with some young curious minds that attended and help them to learn more about Virgin Media. Our team spoke to them about all of our wide range of Apprentice, Graduate and Intern opportunities that are out there. I can’t wait for the chance to run another Takeover Day soon!

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