Our Zero Harm Vision

Deborah Sheath

September 26, 2017


My name is Deborah Sheath, and I’ve worked as a Health and Safety Business Partner at Virgin Media (VM) for nine years now.

When I first started out in safety, many years ago, it was a profession that consisted of men in grey suits, with clipboards, and usually high visibility jackets, steel toe capped boots and hard hats.

Needless to say, it never used to be considered a career choice for a woman, especially a woman in Telecoms!

After nine years at VM, I still have my steel toecaps, high visibility jacket and hardhat, the only change is that my Blackberry has replaced the clipboard.

People tend to think that perhaps some jobs are more risky for women, but from what I see, if there is a risk, it’s a risk to everybody doing that job, so we need to put measures in place to support them and keep them safe. I’m very pleased to say that in both my team and the area of business I support, we have seen a steady increase in the number of women joining us. It’s a great sign that perceptions are changing for the better.

We employ all sorts of people, from call centre agents, sales staff, technicians and engineers. The great thing is that they are from all different backgrounds, so they each bring their own uniqueness and individuality to the organisation.

There are many things I love about my job. The whole point of each day for me is to make sure that all of our people get home safe at the end of the day.  I’m extremely passionate about making sure that everyone’s health, safety and welfare is protected and Virgin Media is very much behind that initiative.

I honestly believe that here at Virgin Media there is a shift in gender perceptions and we are certainly reaping the benefits of change. Overall, we believe that everybody affected by our business has the right to go home safe at the end of the day.

That’s our Zero Harm vision.

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