Our Indigo Minds

Karen Langley

Neurodiversity Network

April 1, 2021

World Autism Awareness Day is focused on raising awareness of how we create a more inclusive world for people with autism.

At Virgin Media, we celebrate difference, and we believe everyone should have a sense of belonging. We are striving forward on our journey to create an inclusive environment for all.

We recently launched a new network as part of our Belonging Collective call Our Indigo Minds, which focuses on neurodiversity so we can not only educate ourselves but each other on ‘hidden’ differences. The mission for this network is to provide support, understanding and a safe space for people to confidently share their views and help create change.

United by experience or curiosity, Our Indigo Minds is working hard to highlight the world of neurodiversity and how we can create an environment at Virgin Media that everyone feels they can truly be themselves.

You don’t have to be neurodiverse to be an ally. The power of coming together and advocating is how we create necessary change and build equality for all.

What can you do as an ally?

  • Take the time to educate yourself
  • Listening can be a powerful tool for voices that don’t feel heard
  • Use your voice – make a stand even when you feel scared
  • Even though you may feel uncomfortable – acknowledge that the conversation isn’t always about you

We wanted to share a great read we came across from Dan Harris from Deloitte around raising awareness of autism.

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