New Year, New You!

Roxanne Chand

December 20, 2016


Every New Year it’s the same old messaging we hear or see going out in the media, celebrating the year before or setting new goals for the New Year ahead. But in reality, how many of us stick to our New Years Resolution? I know I certainly don’t. That might have something to do with the fact that I have the same goal each year… Give up chocolate ? – Never going to happen.

The simple fact is, that’s an unrealistic goal. I know as a person with a ridiculous sweet tooth and an addiction to the beautiful slabs of delicious goodness that I am never going to give up on it. Even if I convince myself that I should, I give in after a few days.

Unfortunately, that’s the honest truth of what the majority of us do. We set ourselves goals that we know deep down we will never keep. But what if we do something different this year? What if we get SMART about it!

  • Specific 

  • Measurable 

  • Attainable 

  • Realistic 

  • Time

It’s time to empower positive change! 

Specific: Cut the quack and get straight to the point! Make it clear exactly what you want to achieve, whether that’s a new job, a promotion or further development!

Measurable: Be honest, ask yourself the simplest of questions – How can I accomplish this? Once you have figured this out, start to form a plan of action.

Attainable: Where does your focus need to be? What actions do you need to take and how much time do you require to achieve this? 3 months, 6 months or 12 months – it’s down to you.

Realistic: Can you actually achieve this? It sounds like a negative question, however, I think the more you’re honest with yourself the better your outcome will be. Determination is key here! Set short-term and long-term goals if that helps.

Time: Every goal needs a time frame so you know when you need to achieve it by. The best thing about setting a target is knowing there is something to aim for and an end date to accomplish it by.

Make sure you write down your goals and set a list of priorities to achieve them. Be positive in your approach and share them with friends and family. Having a support system in place will provide you with accountability of your actions and how best to move forward. You never know, you might inspire someone else to stick to their New Years Resolution in 2017.

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