Network Expansion is, well, expanding!

Savannah Small-Swaby

February 8, 2022

Ever wondered what’s going down, when you see people in high-vis jackets fixing cables and climbing enormous poles to reach wires that the squirrels enjoy?

Well, the highly-reflective people you’ve come across are all part of our Network Expansion team.

They’re opportunity rockstars who’re busy planning new ways to connect the unconnected to our superfast broadband. They’re the engineering gurus who see what possibilities can be achieved and then make great things happen. They’re the ones focusing on cabling over 300,000 properties each year. They’re the dedicated communicators and sales team who make sure everyone knows about the network offering our passionate team have created. They’re a team – and a marvellous one at that!

It’s an offering we’re darn proud of. It requires highly skilled and expertly trained professionals and it’s all about team play. In fact, we realised that while us telling you how wonderful and technical it is, we should be getting the people who are out there doing the hard work to tell you about it instead. That’s our planners, civil engineers, quantity surveyors, splicers, commercial managers… the list goes on, and they’re opportunities you can be part of too.

We’ve got a shiny new page where you can learn more about what’s happening in Network Expansion from the people who matter – our employees. Head over there now and see what our team have been getting up to and how you can join us.

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