My Ride Out – A Day In The Field

Emillie Hill

November 14, 2016

I turned up at 8am at the central Reading “red shed” – if you don’t know what this is it’s basically a big warehouse that stores all of the technical products engineers need (funnily enough it wasn’t big and red as I expected), ready to learn all about the world of service and install in the field.

I was immediately greeted by Paul, the access manager, who gave me a high Vis and introduced me to Simon, the engineer that would be looking after me for the day!

We started the day with some basic service calls where the wires connecting the houses to the network were damaged, and I was amazed at how quickly Simon could fix these issues, especially when it seemed that there was no clear problem. As the day progressed, the servicing problems seemed to increase with difficulty.

A particular case that springs to mind was a woman who had recently switched from a competitor to us, and was experiencing a lot of issues with her phone line connection. She was frustrated with the service she’d experienced in her transition from the competitor to us; as the previous company had not released her phone number in time for her new contract with Virgin Media to start. The engineer quickly set about fixing the connection issue that was present, and even spent extra time out of his day to ensure that the competitor released her original phone number to allow her to use this immediately (something which he wasn’t asked to do). This was a bit of an eye opener, as it really showed the extent of the service that our engineers provide and how much effort they put into ensuring our customers are happy.

Simon was also really good at showing me exactly what he was doing, which I found super helpful as I have literally ZERO tech knowledge! I’d definitely recommend the ride out experience to all other grads and interns, especially if you want to properly understand how your role may impact our customers!


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