My Recruitment Experience

Becky Merrick-Willson

December 14, 2015

I’ve been at Virgin Media for a few months now but with the graduate recruitment process kicking off again it’s made me think back to when I applied. I embarked on my recruitment journey back in September 2014 when I submitted an application to be a People graduate.

Having done my research I completed the initial application form saying why Virgin Media and the People scheme were for me, when I then (not so patiently) waited to hear whether I made it through to the next round.

Passing the first test meant I then had to do a telephone interview followed by a video interview…a very daunting prospect! However once I’d got the details through it didn’t seem so bad after all. The video interview tool gave me plenty of time of read each of the questions and even the opportunity to rerecord my answer after making some inevitable stumbles.

Having survived the video interview the big assessment day came around very quickly! Ready with my presentation, I arrived in my smart casual outfit prepared for a gruelling day of interviews and assessments. In fact it was quite the opposite, although we were being assessed all day I was made to feel very relaxed and able to be myself, almost forgetting we were being watched.

Only two days later I then found out I’d got the job! I was delighted to have made it to the end and thankful for a speedy response. The whole process had been a positive one and I was surprised at how Virgin made sure you didn’t feel on edge throughout.

So I guess my top tips for the recruitment process would be to prepare!! Make sure you’ve researched Virgin media (not really in depth but enough to know your stuff) and your chosen area and have examples of previous experiences in line with the Virgin Values. Most of all though just be yourself! We want those of you who will fit in here and be happy as part of the Virgin family.

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