My life working at Virgin Media for over 18 years

Susan Roberts

Field Sales Manager

February 21, 2022

Hi Susan, you’re a Field Sales Manager – tell us more.  

I look after a team of 23 people working at Virgin Media who spend their time on the streets of the UK, selling our products and services to customers in their homes. My role is to coach and motivate them so they have the best knowledge and tools to deliver great results. I’m also out in the field doing the same day-to-day role as my team as this is the best way for me to understand and support them.

It’s also a great opportunity to learn new things myself, speak to our customers and gain the knowledge I can then pass on to new starters.

You’ve been with us for over 18 years – what’s kept you?

For a start, the benefits are fantastic – the private healthcare and holiday allowance among others. There are so many opportunities – promotions, courses, training, and the earning potential is phenomenal.

People do tend to stay a long time, but it also develops people to the point where they could move on if they wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong – it is tough, and you have to work hard, but I’ve stayed this long purely because I’m happy here. I can’t ever see myself leaving Virgin Media.

Sounds like you enjoy it, but what’s your absolute favourite part of the job?

I love that every day is different in Field Sales. When you’re out there in the field, you never know who’s going to be behind the door. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle and each person is a different piece. Every time you go out there’s a different experience.

Never boring, but I bet working in Field Sales has its own set of challenges…

Sure, you need to have tenacity. You have to deal with a lot of rejection, objections and resistance. Sometimes you’re dealing with people who aren’t having a good day, but maybe you can turn that around with some heartfelt service and leave the person with a smile on their face.  You won’t always get the sale, however, in my role you can still leave a positive impact on someone that’s why I get out of bed each day.

Over time you build up resilience and knowledge which informs how you handle some of the more difficult conversations you may have. It’s a challenge but it does get easier.

Is “Building connections that really matter” something which helps that?

Definitely. I’ve been with the company for over 18 years, and I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some great people across different departments. I’ve built a great network in that time which means I can reach out around the business and get any help or advice I might need from other departments.

It makes our way of working more fluid, allowing us to solve any problems quickly and effectively. The success of the business depends on that.

What do Virgin Media’s values mean to you?

I really do believe in the company and the products that we sell. I’m proud of working for Virgin Media and I live and breathe the values. I can’t help but talk about it even when I’m not at work.

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