My Job Swap With Peter Kelly

Mo Abdual-Ali

April 27, 2017

Peter Kelly is the Managing Director for Virgin Media Business; he is responsible for the overview of Virgin mobile and is part of the senior leadership team. I organised to spend a day with Peter in Hook and in return Peter would spend the day with me in the Peterborough office.


On 31st of March I attended the Hook office and spent the whole day attending meetings and contributed towards major decisions throughout. On the completion of this day I received an email personally from Peter with feedback from the day. I found the day very insightful to see what is actually done on a day to day basis from such a high level of management. Being able to get involved with other directors in such important meetings was a great experience and defiantly a memorable opportunity that I am honoured to have been a part of.

On the second part to the job swap Peter came down Peterborough office. In preparation for Peter attendance I created a full agenda for the day showing the extent of his job role and what is involved in the apprenticeship. The day started off with a short presentation and then Peter got to take the hot seat at my desk on his journey as an apprentice for the day. I showed him several tasks that are completed by me on a daily basis, where Peter was put to the challenge and was expected to take notes and understand how the task needs to be completed. After explaining the task Peter attempted to complete the task himself. The job swap in full swing and I was left to oversee Peter taking on the tasks himself.  Peter also took some time out with other apprentices to find out what they get up to in their day to day.

I found the job swap experience a great insight to managerial roles and it allowed me to showcase what I have learnt so far throughout my apprenticeship and the confidence in my own ability to do my job. This has also benefited my career as it gave me the chance to meet, interact and build relationships with senior directors.

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