Joining the Virgin Media Family

Katherine Laws

September 20, 2016

Since joining the Virgin Media family as an Engineering Intern just four weeks ago I have already been introduced to so much! Immediately it was obvious how welcoming and friendly everyone was. It has been easy to ask any questions I’ve had as ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question’, which is definitely something to live by with all the acronyms and jargon that is used. After being a little apprehensive but excited pre start, my first few days were spent at an induction learning the company values and history, featuring in a video sent to Richard Branson wishing him a happy birthday consisting of fifteen interns who met each other an hour previously nervously trying to dance in sync, having my picture taken posing on a tractor in a video time capsule to myself, learning that it was a cardinal sin to not be playing Pokémon Go (sorry Adam Bagdu and Ollie Holmes) and to not beat George Tipping at tenpin bowling as he doesn’t do losing and demands for a rematch. I would like to take the chance to say thank you to everyone that was involved in the organising and running of our induction as it was a great way to start off mine and the other interns’ time here at Virgin Media.

Starting in the Birmingham office saw the meeting of the team and more friendly faces, with the occasional visiting sweets stall in the canteen. Over the last few weeks I have had great opportunities already, including travelling to London and Manchester to work with other companies, meeting a large number of interesting people. As an engineering intern you soon learn that the field can vary dramatically in this one company alone, from testing the products that are placed in a customer home to the improvement of the customer services process using pieces of software. All in all I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my start to life at Virgin Media and I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year has in store for me.


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