My First Year As An Engineer

Sam Sharp

October 5, 2017


My first year with Virgin Media has flown by, and to think how much I’ve learned and how much I feel a part of the family is crazy.

I started my first six months based in the Winnersh office working in the Programme Delivery team, focusing on the Access network. I actually spent the first couple of weeks in the role out in one of our technical sites in Watford, helping upgrade the equipment we use to deliver telephone service to our customers. This was an amazing experience and I didn’t only learn a lot about our Telco network, but was also given real responsibility in the physical upgrades of some of our cabinets. Coming back into the office after a couple of weeks, I was given more responsibility, this time to project manage a number of sites requiring upgrades to their broadband network. This involved daily calls with engineers all around the country, ensuring everything was in place to ensure a smooth upgrade, and sorting any problems that might come about. This was a challenge but in my opinion the best way to learn is to challenge yourself! I finished my first placement confident, having developed a great network of people and having delivered some real benefit to the business. Most importantly though, I had a great time.

For my second placement I moved over to the Hook office where I joined the Capacity Planning Team. Here I jumped straight in and was involved in making sure our Metnet platform (for Business customers) had the appropriate projects in place to provide sufficient capacity to meet our customer’s expectations. The work was challenging, varied and interesting, and the team were great; I looked forward to coming into work each morning.

I’ve spoken about what I’ve been doing day-to-day but it’s the people I’ve met and the opportunities outside of the day-to-day that have really made being on the grad scheme great. I’ve made great friends with the other graduates in the business, not only those within Engineering. I play football each week with 9 other grads and regularly meet up after work for meals or drinks. In the workplace, having a grad community has helped me numerous times when I need information from another department; being a tight knit group helps!

Other opportunities I’ve had in the past year include things like great training and development courses, off-site days and even the opportunity to attend ANGACOM cable conference in Cologne through a bursary offered by the Society of Cable and Telecommunication Engineers! (SCTE). There’s too many to list, but you can be sure you won’t go bored as a grad in VM.

I’ve just moved into the Technology Consulting & Insight team for my 3rd rotation, helping to define the Technology roadmap for the company moving forwards. I’m part of a great team, and my experience in the business has helped massively in understanding certain concepts and ideas. I’m really excited for the year ahead having found my feet, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new fresh challenges I will face.


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