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My Career Switch: From Telesales to Field Engineer

Dom Dowd

December 13, 2021

My career switch: From Telesales to Field Engineer

I’ll never forget the day I knocked on a customer’s door as a Field Engineer. They’d been alone for eight months due to the pandemic and I was the first person they’d communicated with. She cried and I was reminded that my role was about more than fixing faults. It was about building connections that really matter with our customers. After I helped her out, I sat at a distance in her garden, had a cup of tea and we chatted. About everything and anything. When I left, she was no longer crying, she was smiling. When people ask me why I started a career in Field Engineering, I like to tell them that story because it simply reflects the importance of why I made the career switch from Telesales to Field Engineer.  

I’ve always loved the idea of being in a role where it’s hands-on and you get to be in the heart of the action, which is why starting my career as a Telesales Advisor at Virgin Media always makes me laugh. I wasn’t that great at it, and I can happily admit that but what I loved about the role was my ability to learn more about the products we had to offer and the opportunity to help our customers out. Because of this I always wondered, could I be doing more? As I said, I wanted to make a difference and after a few years, I realised I was ready to switch up my role and get stuck into learning how to become a Field Engineer. 


Making our benefits work for me

If you’re a family person like me, spending time with them is a priority, so even though I wanted to pursue a new role out in the field and knew it would be a lot more physical, I also knew it would give me four-day weeks and five days off after every three weeks and I could continue my benefits such as life insurance. As a family man that not only meant peace of mind but also more intentional days with my kids. The career switch from our contact centres to Field Engineer was a breeze thanks to my line manager and training included being paired up with a mentor. Every step of the way I knew people wanted me to succeed.  

Knowing you always have someone to guide you can go a long way, especially when you’re stepping into something new. This is a role where no two days are the same and though we’re helping our customers on our own, it’s all about team play, being supportive and helping each other out when we can. It can often surprise people, but I always have my phone close by to help my colleagues out – even if it’s for a quick ten minutes. It’s just the type of person I am but I think it’s a quality that’s allowed me to enjoy and progress as a Field Engineer.  


Be brave. Make the switch

For those thinking about making a career switch to Field Engineer, go for it. No matter what your role was before. If you’re already part of the Virgin Media family, then I’d highly recommend seeing if you can do a ride-along with an Engineer as I did. And if you feel like you’re lacking any technical experience, the induction and training period will give you everything you need so you can help our customers with confidence. What I’ve loved about working at Virgin Media is that no one expects you to stay still. I’ve grown a lot since I started, and my life has changed. I’m excited to see what other roles I can achieve such as Field Manager, helping people who were in my position to achieve their goals. I hope this has shown that the role you play as a Field Engineer at Virgin Media isn’t just about fixing faults, it’s about transforming people’s lives. 

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