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Banner featuring Holly, one of our customer service advisorsBanner featuring Holly, one of our customer service advisors


My career as a Customer Service Advisor

Holly Turner

Customer Service Advisor

July 29, 2021

Today, we chat with Holly, one of our more recent Customer Service recruits. Holly spends her time with us making sure our customers feel awesome and valued by Virgin Media. Holly started her time at Virgin Media at the beginning of pandemic, so we wanted to know what life is like here, and what she loves about working as a member of our Customer Service team.

And spoiler alert, if you like what you read, the links to our open roles are at the bottom of the page. Happy reading!

Great to meet you Holly, to start off, tell us about your role as a Customer Service Advisor

I spend time talking with customers playing a key part in solving problems they may have with our service.  The queries we get are really varied and every call is different which I love.  The biggest part of the role for me is building rapport and putting myself in the customer’s shoes.

I enjoy the fact that you’re talking to customers all day and you’re benefiting people. Some calls can be difficult but the great conversations I do have with customers and knowing I’ve put a smile on their faces is what makes the role worthwhile.


Development of our employees is important here at Virgin Media.  Tell us a bit about your own development.

It’s been great!  I only joined last year and 6 months into my role I was being asked to be a subject matter expert floor walker, supporting our new starters with getting them up to speed. I was doing things like agent coaching accreditation getting the new joiners ready for live customer calls, helping with team briefs and engagement on the floor.  Since then I’ve started to do Team Manager cover which is really helping give me a taste of what Management is like – that’s been the biggest highlight for me.  It’s a really exciting time!


Tell us about your application process and your early days in the role

It was different from what I expected. There was an automated video interview process where I had to record my answers into a camera which is quite different to what I’d ever done before. You were able to do as many practice answers as you wanted before you gave your main answer – this helped me feel more comfortable.  I then had a call with the Recruitment team where they asked a couple of additional questions and then they got me started. It was really quick and easy!

I was given a laptop on my first day which was different for me as I’d always worked at a desktop computer and I then went into training.  It’s a great training environment and I had lots of support from the people in the office.  The training is high quality, and I could quickly see what I was part of, and I couldn’t wait to start speaking to real customers!


What do you think is unique about working for Virgin Media?

The culture and the people – it’s the most important thing. Customer Service isn’t the easiest role. You are going to have challenging customers, and you sometimes might not be hitting your targets, but the people here make it all worth it.

It’s been an interesting journey for me. I’ve met friends for life, and I’ve only been here just over 12 months. But even now in the current situation, if you have a bad day there’s always someone there that will put a smile on your face. I can’t fault it.


And finally, why should other people consider coming to work here as a Customer Service Advisor?

Because we build connections that really matter. That’s the best way to put it. Connections really matter for our people in terms of the customers but also in terms of the work environment. It’s so important to me as a person to be in an environment that makes you happy and feel comfortable. It’s our purpose at the end of the day because it fits both ways for customers and employees.

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