Money on your mind?

Dave Roberts

Head of Pensions and Benefits

April 19, 2021

Thriving financially is easier said than done. It may be no surprise, but financial concerns have doubled during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But did you know that you’re 13 times more likely to have sleepless nights and 8 times more likely not to finish daily tasks if you’re concerned about money?

These are troubling statistics especially since 26% of people across the UK are worried about their finances – that’s over 17 million people.

At Virgin Media, we believe in the importance of helping our people to not only thrive financially but to offer support to help them to create the right money habits. That’s why last year we teamed up with expert providers Salary Finance so we could share great tips and tools to help our people to feel more confident to talk about money.

We’re about life balances – not bank balances

Salary Finance work alongside employers to provide financial products and services such as loans, savings and financial education that help people to lead a happier and healthier financial life. Putting you back in control and taking the worry out of money.

This month for stress awareness month, we are focusing on financial wellbeing. We wanted to share three quick steps you can take today to start feeling more in control of your purse strings…

  1. Keep track of your outgoings: From a rainy-day funds to just planning ahead, getting organised in advance will help you to stress less when it comes to money. Whether money is tight, you have debts or you’re trying to save. One great tip is to keep track of what you have coming in and your overall outgoings. By taking note of your finances, you can then understand where your money is going and potentially find quick ways to cut back.
  2. It’s time to start talking about money: Money is always the elephant in the room. The topic we really don’t feel comfortable discussing but it’s time to start talking. By opening up about your financial worries you can start relieving yourself of the burden you’re carrying and seek the assistance you may need. You will be amazed at how much support you can find – not just friends and family but the free tools online that can help you get yourself back on track with your finances.
  3. Get creative to cut down spending: There are so many great tips and tricks online to help you get creative and find ways to cut back to save money. Do your research on comparison sites, get adventurous with leftovers or research additional ways to gain extra income at home.

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