Making my Dental Plan work for me.

Kerry Kell

November 17, 2017


We all know what an expensive, sometimes scary trip to the dentist can be and not something which is top of our list to spend our hard earned wages on, so when I was told after a routine check-up that I needed some treatment doing which was not going to be cheap, it was time to re-evaluate my dental plan.

Luckily this happened just before the Choices window opened. I had the basic plan already, but now I needed something more superior.

After checking through the dental plans and prices, I decided to opt to change to the higher plan, which gave me a much better cover and worked out to be around £17 per month.

The great thing was, I could upgrade my plan from the basic one to the plus plan, get the work done and then downgrade when the year is up.

For the extensive treatment I had, over the course of the year, the dental plan has covered me for almost £600 worth of treatment for a fraction of the cost. Not such a blow to the bank account compared to what the full cost would have been.

I would highly recommend this great plan to anyone.

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