Like Putting on an Old Pair of Comfy Trainers…

Adam Lowes

November 24, 2016

Spending 12 months at Virgin Media just wasn’t enough for me, so I was quick to snap up the opportunity to return back to the business on the engineering graduate scheme. My internship in Operations was certainly delightfully surprising, I was given proper responsibility from the off and the steep learning curve made sure I was kept on my toes. I can’t put my finger on my single favourite part of my internship but my top three are managing real projects which had added real value and had real impact on customers (meaning I was under a lot of pressure to get it right!!), getting to work with colleagues and suppliers overseas including Amsterdam and Sweden and finally raising over £15,000 for our national charity partner SCOPE with my intern colleagues. Sadly, all good things come to an end, and after a brilliant year with the business I said my goodbyes to my colleagues and began my final year as a student.

Much to my delight I had been red hot on my internship and was offered the chance to return to VM as an engineering graduate (subject to a few formalities). The talent team couldn’t have been more helpful; throughout the internship they were supportive with training and development sessions, they were a fountain of knowledge regarding information about our options at the end of the scheme, and if they couldn’t answer our questions they always knew which direction to point us in.

I’ve now been back at Virgin for just over a week, and to be honest it feels like I never left…The office environment is as welcoming as ever, whether you want to ask for help with your work or a chat about the football, everyone is more than happy to speak to you. Emerging talent is clearly valued at Virgin Media; I can’t explain how happy people seem to be when they get a new graduate in the team who brings a fresh approach to their BAU (business as usual) work.

I may have finished university but without doubt I haven’t stopped learning. Every day at Virgin Media is different and day by day I go home knowing more than I did when I pulled into the car park in the morning. I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to start my working life. Challenging? Yes. Hard work? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

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