“Life is too short to let my disability stop me”

Virgin Media

July 30, 2019

Recently, we launched our Million Ways campaign – our effort to take our total fundraising amount for Scope since our partnership began in 2015 to £1 million by the end of the year.

While we’ve made some impressive ground already our ambition is to come together to raise money to get us to that magical £1m. Be it a big team challenge, cake baking, running, hair chopping or skydiving. Last year we raised £311,000, so if we put our minds to it, we are confident we can smash the million marker.

Disabled people across the UK face everyday barriers – and it’s no different when it comes to getting in work and staying in work. That’s why, through our £2m corporate donation, Scope launched Support to Work, a new innovative service to provide disabled people with the skills, confidence and advice they need to get in to and thrive in work.  Fundraising will help to evolve this service to ensure we can transform even more lives.

Let’s find out about the impact of the service to date.

My name is Lucy. I graduated from university last year with a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree and I wanted to get my first proper-full time job. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which means that my walking and mobility is affected.

In the past year alone, I’ve applied for over 500 jobs.

I ended up in a depression. I wasn’t getting anywhere and it seemed like no one would give me a chance – I’d even lie when I was asked if I had a disability as I hoped it might improve my chances.

One day to I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw an advert from Scope about Support to Work. So I did some research and signed up.

I got an email the day after I signed up and my support worker, Zayde, was amazing. I was feeling dejected but he genuinely cared about my success – making me believe I could do this.

Zayde was never patronising or ignorant about what I couldn’t do compared to everyone else. He encouraged me to think outside the box and look at different jobs. I’d never thought about being a witness intermediary, court clerk or usher which was relevant to my degree. He gave me a lot of confidence and advice on what my rights were, it was a huge help.

Now, I have two temporary jobs while I take my Graduate Diploma in Law. I want to be a Criminal Prosecutor and I’m hoping my disability will make me stand out for all the right reasons – to give a voice to those who feel they don’t have one. Life is too short to let my disability stop me.


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