Life in Telesales

Jo Miehe

December 8, 2016


Hi Jo, it’s great to meet you! The atmosphere here on the sales floor is electric.

It certainly is!

How long have your worked at Virgin Media?

From the very start, I’ve been with the business for over 21 years. It’s the second company I’ve ever worked for.

Anyone would think you enjoy it!

I certainly do! It’s the people I love working with; you’ve said already that the atmosphere is electric. Plus, the rewards are great, and you’re well looked after. As a manager, I’ve been empowered to make positive changes.

Oh? What sort of things?

The cold calling team, Outbound, is a great example. We needed a way to really grow the business and take it to the next level.

What sort of difference has the Outbound sales team made?

Well last year, we made an extra 3,500 sales. (Laughs) It’s really satisfying to say that!

I bet it is! What’s your secret to being a successful manager?

To keep investing in the team with great training, getting our people excited about the Virgin Media culture and making people feel valued. With a business like ours, the possibilities for someone with the right drive and ambition are limitless.

Any tips for someone considering a career with Virgin Media?

Ask loads of questions, embrace the culture and be prepared to learn. It’s a really fun company to work for.

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