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Virgin Media's Disability Network

September 29, 2020

It’s National Inclusion Week and this year’s theme is Each One, Reach One.

It’s focused around building connections. The connection we can have with another individual, or another organisation, to help them understand the opportunity of inclusion and inspiring each other to make inclusion an everyday reality.

At Virgin Media, our purpose is to build connections that really matter. And that means creating a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging. One element of feeling as though you belong is being listened to. Education is key to understanding and learning from each other. To do this successfully, we have created a Belonging Collective, that’s built up of five incredible network groups.

Today, we are going to tell you more about our disability network, Ultraviolet. The ambition of Ultraviolet is to break down barriers to ensure greater equality and equity for disabled people. Purple has long been a colour associated with the disability movement, and the shade of ultraviolet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future.

Creating a safe space to enable people to confidently discuss concerns, share ideas, get advice and support, and raise the profile of disabled employees. Changing attitudes towards disability in the process.

The main goals of our disability network:
1. To become the best telecommunications provider for disabled customers
2. To become a recognised/recommended employer for disabled employees

Our disability network is open to all employees at Virgin Media – whether you have a disability or not. The group is for people who have a passion for driving the disability agenda forwards and identifying ways to establish a level playing field for anyone who experiences workplace barriers as a result of their condition or impairment.

We are proud to have a disability network that are striving forward to achieve equality. Ultraviolet lights the way to what is yet to come.

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