Let’s talk Gender Equality

Katie Todd & Dave Hodsdon

Gender Equality Network

September 30, 2020

“Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.” – United Nations

In celebration of National Inclusion Week, we caught up with the Chair and Co-Chair of our Gender Equality network, Katie Todd, Head of Network Expansion Sales (Chair) and Head of Claims and UK Insurance, Dave Hodsdon (Co-Chair) to talk about the future, what Virgin Media’s ambitions are for Gender Equality and what more we can be doing to build a sense of belonging within our organisation.

Hey Katie/Dave, so tell me, what’s the objective of the Gender Equality network?

Katie: The Gender Equality network is working to build an inclusive environment at Virgin Media that celebrates difference in all forms and represents our customers, people and society; we will strive for Gender Equality across our teams

That sounds fantastic. What is the network currently working on?

Katie: We know that we haven’t made enough progress on Gender Equality over the past three years, so we are focusing on achieving a deeper understanding on issues that maybe causing gender inequality. We are also focusing on developing relationships/partnerships with other companies to help educate our leadership team and ourselves about best practice.

Dave: We also want to focus on intersectionality, as people may identify with more than one of our network groups, so it’s working on how we can bring people together so no one feels left behind. I think that’s key to really building a true sense of belonging, to feel accepted and have the ability to learn and educate yourself to be more inclusive and become a true ally and of course, get the support you need.

What’s the overall ambition of the Gender Equality network?

Dave: Our ambition is to engage all of our people at Virgin Media and urge them to get involved and tell us about their experiences.

Katie: Our network group is open to all employees; so we can really bring people together, encourage open conversations and discussions about how we can improve. We want to grow support for our network, and encourage people to feel that sense of belonging.

Thank you both so much for your time and sharing this insight with us. You can follow our National Inclusion Week journey on LinkedIn.

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