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Dev Mistry & Leanna Edwards

Empower Network

October 1, 2020

More Equality, More Hope, More Humanity, More Pride, More Acceptance, More Love – Kikki K

Our five inclusion network groups together form our incredible belonging collective, and each network brings light to the challenges that people face each day, and the actions as individuals we need to take accountability for. As well as the work we are doing here at Virgin Media to achieve equality for all our people and customers. Which is our goal – for everyone to feel a sense of belonging.

Today, we’ve caught up with our Empower network leads, Internal Communications Executive, Dev Mistry and Digital Producer, Leanna Edwards to talk in more details about the ambitions for the Empower network which is our network group for underrepresented ethnic minorities.

Hey Dev and Leanna! Thank you for your time today. So, we are celebrating National Inclusion Week this week and of course, it’s Black History Month (Happy 1st October) so lets talk about the importance of Empower and what you’re trying to achieve?

Dev: At Empower, like you said, we’re focused on supporting our people from underrepresented ethnic groups at Virgin Media, with the aim to create a more inclusive business which is a safe space for people to develop, thrive and be their whole selves at work.

Leanna: Our vision is ‘To enrich Virgin Media by celebrating difference in all of its forms, championing talent from underrepresented ethnic groups and building an inclusive workforce that is representative of our customers and society’

Dev: We launched our Empower network, because people from underrepresented ethnic groups don’t always have the representation they need in the workplace or society. We know, that this can create barriers for people across the business in all areas of their day-to-day lives, such as progression, pay and development opportunities.

Leanna: As a network we aim to create a safe space for people to celebrate their respective events, festivals and cultures, whilst educating the wider business about the celebrations too. As well as share their personal stories within the business and across our external channels too.

That’s really awesome! So, what are you currently working on right now?

Dev: So this month we are celebrating Black History Month and we have so much amazing content that we will be sharing but also driving awareness as well. There’s also Diwali and our virtual Networking Events. We’re looking to bring in a range of speakers and guests across these events to help start conversations and educate the wider business.

What’s the overall ambition for the Empower network?

Leanna: We’re looking to grow our network sustainably and bring our people along the journey with us. We want to be more visible and making positive changes for the whole business. Most importantly we want to empower our people to be their whole selves at work and in society.

Thank you both so much for your time and sharing this insight with us. You can follow our National Inclusion Week journey on LinkedIn.

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