Introducing Boomerang: Our new returners programme

Roxanne Chand

May 18, 2017

There are many reasons why people take an extended break from the workplace, from looking after children to caring for a relative.  We understand that it can be daunting returning to work and jumping back onto the career ladder. We want to help and at the same time, tap into this hugely talented pool of people.

Introducing Boomerang, our brand new returner programme. Today we’re piloting a new recruitment scheme with the aim of giving people, who have taken a career break of two years or more, the chance to join a tailor made return to work programme.

As a returner myself, I am particularly thrilled to introduce Boomerang to you. Here I am with a few of our leaders to tell you more.

What’s on offer?

We have up to six 6-month placements available across four locations, these include Hook, Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford. We’ve identified key business deliverables for 2017/2018 and will create opportunities in line with the skills of the most talented people we see.

Unlike most other returner programmes which are unpaid, we’re offering our returners a competetive salary along with all of the usual great Virgin Media benefits.

Support is crucial

We know how daunting it can be returning to work after a long period of time. So, we’ll provide coaching support from experienced return-to-work consultants as well as an experienced mentor who’ll guide our returners as they rebuild their networks and re-join the corporate world. Since flexible working is part of our culture, we’re open to applications for full and part time roles with flexible working patterns.

Onward employment

These opportuntiites mean that when the programme finishes our returners will be perfectly placed to apply for senior permanent or interim roles with us.

Are you interested in joining our talent pool?

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