International Women in Engineering Day: Meet Penny

Penny Gordon

Messaging Service and Platform Design Engineer

June 24, 2022

Penny Gordon started her career with us over on the O2 side in 2000 and since then she’s had a career in engineering to be extremely proud of. Penny talks us through some of the work she’s up to as a Messaging Service and Platform Design Engineer.

At Virgin Media…

I create end-to-end messaging services and platform designs for MMS, Cell Broadcast and now SMS over IP (SMS text messaging over Wi-Fi where you have no mobile coverage). I write technical requirements for suppliers and assess supplier responses for new or replacement systems. I’m also a People Rep for my group area under our Core Voice Engineer, Paul Mercure.

Before working in Engineering

I started my career as a VAT Officer/Inspector after leaving school, before changing my career direction and moving to BT as a mature graduate in my late 20s. I began a career at O2 in 2000 as the GPRS service designer and charging designs for packet. This is where the mobile network captures your internet activity in Call Records, which are used by Wholesale and Retail for billing other Operators ad customers.

Ask me about

  • My technical disciplines and role as a Designer and People Rep.
  •  Dementia and the challenges of caring and the system.

My advice to aspiring engineers

  • Follow your dreams and visualise them.
  • Manage large goals with lots of small steps and reward yourself when you reach them.
  • Be prepared to change your priorities and adapt to change.
  • Build yourself a large network of people who will support you and help to promote your visibility.
  • Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone to learn.
  • Mistakes are great learning experiences; we all make them.

I’m innovating by

Optimising my end-to-end designs to remove unwanted elements to reduce costs, improve platform and service reliability, and environmental impact by reducing physical footprint and power. All systems get replaced after so many years due to their end of life. We have opportunities to make changes as well as new projects that may impact my platforms.

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