Picture of Emmeline Spann who works in Business SalesPicture of Emmeline Spann who works in Business Sales


How working in Business Sales gave me financial independence

Emmeline Spann

Partner Account Manager

February 17, 2022

Ever wondered what a career at Virgin Media can do for your personal life? We spoke with Partner Account Manager Emmeline Spann who shares with us how working in Business Sales gave her financial independence, helping her to land a spot on the property ladder.

For those who may not be familiar with your role, what do you do at Virgin Media?

I work in Wholesale as a Partner Account Manager. It’s my job to ensure the relationships between the company and our partners who resell our services to their business customers runs smoothly.

Since being with the company I’ve transferred from SoHo Business (Small office, Home office) supporting small businesses with their internet and mobile set up. I quickly progressed into supporting Public Sector/Enterprise organisations with their IT infrastructure on what sometimes could be multiple estates. I’ve now have progressed on to Wholesale – focusing on building more strategic relationships that differentiate us from our competition and boosts partner growth.

We know you won the Infinity Award our prize scheme for employees. What has that meant for your career?   

It’s changed my life. I’ve done a lot of gradual learning and because of this, I was able to progress in my role. The business each year has an awards ceremony and based on my performance I was selected as one of the winners in the business, I was so pleased. It’s just my daughter and me and I’d been aiming to get on the property ladder for some time and the prize money really contributed towards that. If it wasn’t for Virgin Media, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal.

You’ve mentioned how important this role has been for you and your daughter. How have you been able to manage spending time with her, while also growing in your role?

Virgin Media is big on flexible working, and I also have a very supportive manager. If I ever have childcare issues or need to do a school run my manager understands. It’s also a job where as long as you’re getting your work done to a good standard, you’ll be able to manage your own diary. I think a lot of it comes down to trust and it’s personally been a huge support.

Did you always want to be in business sales?

If I’m completely honest, no. I got made redundant from a cabin crew job when it went into liquidation and because I have a daughter, it was all about finding something quickly. The funny thing is, this was only supposed to be a temporary fix, but I absolutely love it. It’s been helpful for me coming from a customer-facing role to take those transferable skills into Virgin Media. I’ve also been able to learn more about the sales and business side, too.

For someone at the company looking to make an internal transition, what advice would you give them?

Networking helps a lot. Jump on calls with people in the role you’re applying for, get to know the team and understand what the day-to-day could look like. It was a big transition from our small business customers to our large ones, but you have all the support around you, and we really are one big family. We have a great dynamic and are all about supporting each other. We even spend time outside of work together. I say, if you’re thinking about exploring other areas of the business, go for it. It will surprise you.

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