How to use social media to get a job

Roxanne Chand

May 12, 2017


One thing that many job hunters overlook is making the most of their social media channels to find their perfect job. As a great employer brand – voted number 2 in the UK by LinkedIn – we utilise our career channels to post new job vacancies all the time. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to share our best practices on how to you can effectively use your channels to create your own personal brand as well as some simple tips on how to better engage with brands like Virgin Media.

Some of these may seem simple, but you would be surprised how many people miss these crucial steps:

Create your personal profiles

If you don’t already have a presence online then it’s about time you did. Sign-up to the social channels that all brands are using right now such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram depending on whom you wish to engage with.

Top tip: When you create your personal profile, choose a picture that’s professional! It doesn’t have to be passport picture serious, but remember this picture is representing you, so choose wisely and remember a picture screams a thousand words.

Review your privacy settings

This sounds simple enough, but you have no idea how many people do not bump up their privacy settings on their social channels when applying for jobs. The odds of your potential employer finding you on Facebook or any other social channel before they make their decision to employ you are incredibly high.

So, if you already have a presence on Facebook or Instagram and your videos, pictures or post history isn’t something you would like your potential employer or colleagues to see then maybe you should consider reviewing your privacy settings. Let’s face it; nobody wants their boss to see their drunken uni pictures or personal posts about their family or dog. Okay, maybe they can see pictures of your dog – everyone loves a cute dog picture!

Make the connection

One thing that many people fail to do is connect their social platforms with each other. This may not ever cross your mind, but if you have created social channels for the sole purpose of job-hunting then connecting your social channels together could make all the difference.

By doing so you’re creating a stronger online presence that’s consistent across the board. Unfortunately, not all channels have this option, but make sure you utilise the ones that do.

Be personable

Basically, be human. We see so frequently where people are just robotic and not themselves. It’s important to showcase your personality as well as your professional side. Here at Virgin Media, personality is key.

Network your way to a job

Once you have filled out all your details and created your online brand, it’s time you started engaging with people. Follow influencers and brands that you would love to work for or who inspire you. You should also make a point to share. Whether you’re posting a comment, content or even reacting to others people’s posts, the more you connect the more people will engage with you.

Follow groups

If you know what area you would like to work in then find groups that specialise in that area. This is a great way to not only connect with like-mind people but you may also make those all-important connections with brands looking to recruit in your specific area.

Make the most of the job search functionality

Most brands have careers social pages – we certainly do. We are constantly sharing any opportunities we have on our social platforms. This is extremely common and it’s a great way to begin your search. You should also make the most of LinkedIn’s job search function. We use this platform to post all of our available job roles.

Keep your profile updated

There is no point in creating a profile if you’re not going to maintain it. Make sure you keep your profile current by adding in any new skills you have learnt, awards you have won or even articles you have written or been involved in. The more up-to-date your profile is, the easier it will be for recruiters to reach out to you about your skill set.

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