How I Became Part of the VM Family

Rebecca Murray

September 26, 2014

When I submitted my first application form I knew something was different with Virgin Media. The first questions were all about me. From some online researching, I understood that Virgin value personality and since I think quite a lot of myself I decided to test them out and inject as much of myself into my application as possible. They asked me questions and I answered them genuinely and infused a bit of humour to make an impact. I just wanted to be noticed. I knew I had taken a chance and my university friends around me thought I was a bit mad, but I thought, if it doesn’t work, they don’t like me, and I won’t be happy there. How rational. Go me.

I was genuinely shocked when I had been invited to an online interview, but I stuck to my guns and followed their rules, “Be Yourself”. The Virgin Media family are special, they don’t want people who fade into crowds and absorb rules and regulations, they want people to think for themselves, be creative and challenging, and to change their company for the better.

I somehow managed to secure my place in the next round of the applications, a “chat” on the phone. Again it was more like talking to a friend and having a laugh, but there were some questions about previous relevant experience, but the call took the format of delivering funny stories from old jobs more than anything formal.

Then there was the assessment centre. (Cue an ominous tone change). I arrived dressed in “smart-casual” attire (as per requested i.e. skinny jeans and a blazer) and was greeted by a three-piece suit wearing “competitor” applicant. (cold sweats) I immediately felt out of place and worried that I was out of my depth. As the day progressed I felt like I was on The Apprentice. It was amazing and I loved it. Joe, one of my current “colleagues” attended the same day as me and I knew when I received the call to say that I had been accepted that he would be too. The day was an assessment of your own brand; of how you operate. It tested us in group situations, asked us personality tests, we presented our ideas to the some of the top dogs of Virgin Media and then got drilled on our CV’s, on our beliefs and goals, on our priorities. I left the day having the most amazing amount of self belief. I knew if I had gotten that far I could make something of myself in some capacity even if I hadn’t made their cut. They instilled that into all of us and for me it really made a lasting impression.

When I reflect on the application process for the Virgin Media Business Graduate Scheme I can honestly say it was an experience I will cherish. It felt like an adventure the whole way and from what I have experienced at work so far it seems like things aren’t about to change.

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