Helping our people Thrive

Dave Robert

May 10, 2018

Helping our people Thrive

Our people are our brand and their wellbeing is so important to us.

We understand that a person’s wellbeing is a deeply personal subject, and it’s something that as an organisation we don’t talk about enough. However, we think it’s time to make a change and ensure that wellbeing around Virgin Media is part of a daily conversation which everyone can feel included in, whether it’s about physical, mental, social or financial Wellbeing.

To help drive this, we’ve created Thrive, our new collection of tools and resources to help our people to be their best self at work and at home.

Through Thrive, Virgin Media employees will be able to access information to support their own wellbeing journey, use our excellent tools (including those provided through our partnership with BUPA) and share stories about their personal experiences relating to wellbeing.

It’s a great step forward for us and we hope it really can support our people in the best way.

We’re also one of a group of companies who are proud to have signed the “Time to Change Pledge”, meaning that we are pulling out all the stops to fight the stigma attached to mental ill health.

It’s time to put wellbeing first and help our people to thrive.

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