Going For A Ride!

Scarlett Abraham

October 11, 2016

As part of the intern programme you are encouraged to go for a ride-out with an engineer, this is for us to get an understanding for another area of the business. Last week I went on my ride-out with the Birmingham Southside Team of Network Engineers. I left the house looking like the Micheline Man, wrapped up in a lot of layers of clothing, prepared for my day outside. When I turned up to the Hub Site, everyone had a bit of a laugh at just how many layers I was wearing, they were all sat there in just a t-shirt and their jacket.

In the morning I went out with John, we were sent to take a look at some ‘cabs’. At first I had no idea what he was talking about, until we turned up to our first cab. They are the cabinets on the pavements, set back from the road, and are painted green, grey or black. I had noticed these before, but never knew what their purpose was. Our first job was to check that someone’s telephone line was working after a power cut had occurred during the night, we were then sent to check the ‘Noise’ level in another cab. The journey to this job was a bit eventful as the petrol tank was on empty and the van was starting to shudder. Luckily we managed to make it just in time, and when arriving at the petrol station the van cut out.

I was telling John how I had only just moved to Birmingham and was clueless to anywhere other than my route to the gym, Eagle Court 3 or Tesco’s…the essentials. We then took a little bit of a detour and ended up on Bournville Lane, passing by Cadbury World. John was telling me about the tour you can do of Cadbury World, I got so excited that that evening I booked tickets to return and eat my bodyweight in chocolate.

I went out with Natalie in the afternoon and we were checking to see if the cable and telephone lines were live for new customers wanting to do their own home installs. We arrived at our first house and opened up the box on the outside, containing the cables, only to be greeted by three HUGE spiders. Natalie was not fazed in the slightest, whereas I made a bee-line for the van. After I recovered from embarrassment, Natalie and I were able to then locate the live wires in the cabs, meaning that this person would be able to do their own install. I had no clue that this process had to be done by our engineers; I guess I had never really thought about how a customer was able to do their own home install. Now thanks to Natalie I know.

It was such a great day out of the office and I really felt like I learnt a lot, I would encourage all interns and grads to definitely do a ride-out day.

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