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Get to know our Future Careers team

The Future Careers Team

April 21, 2022

Our Future Careers team are doing just that, building for the future of Virgin Media.

We spoke to Future Careers Programme Manager Lauren West and Future Careers Recruitment Specialists Kallie Hudson and Michael Robson to learn why they’re passionate about helping apprentices and graduates unlock their potential with us. Get to know more about this award-winning bunch below.


First things first, what do you love about your job as part of the Future Careers team?

Michael: I love the versatility. Working for Virgin Media offers the flexibility to work from home or pop into the office for some team interaction, too. We’re always working collaboratively with people for successful outcomes. I love that the support is there to develop yourself personally and professionally. You feel like the work you are doing is making a difference, which in such a big company is motivating and empowering.

Lauren: The variety, that no two days are the same. Our team are proactively contributing to changing people’s career pathways. Pretty life-changing stuff!

Kallie: I am really passionate and proud about the incredible career opportunities and pathways for people our team provide and supports. Within the Future Careers team, there are loads of opportunities to get involved with new projects outside of my day-to-day role. It’s a fun and fast-paced team.


What’s the best advice you received at the start of your career? 

Lauren: To grab opportunities with both hands. It’s better to regret something you did do than something you didn’t. Also, to not stay stagnant. Keep pushing yourself, channel your ambition and try to remember every day is a learning opportunity.

Michael:  The best advice I was given when starting my career was to never be afraid to step outside of my comfort zone. Virgin Media is such a supportive company that prioritises business and personal development, so treat every person you meet as a new opportunity. The diversity and enthusiasm here are second to none. Embrace it. Be curious and remove any preconceived blockers.

Kallie: Always ask questions and look for opportunities to learn new skills.


How do you like to switch off when you’re not working?

Kallie: When I’m not working I like to switch off by getting outside to play with my puppy Kylo. In the evenings you’ll find me on the sofa playing Xbox.

Lauren: I’m currently renovating my house so that’s a side project in itself. Then I like to settle down to listen to a true-crime podcast – the forensic element fascinates me.

Michael: For me, it’s about closing the laptop, switching the work phone off and enjoying my evenings and weekends with the family. There is no greater downtime than getting outside and interacting with my children. We love the beach and are lucky enough to have it on our doorstep, so paddleboarding or kayaking with the kids is always big on our to-do list.

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